A correctly designed and constructed durable floor is the basics required in order to produce a functional and serviceable floor in today’s industrial buildings. The correct choice of steel fibre and relevant specifications for floor slabs is of vital importance. Sub-standard floor slabs can result in very costly remedial processes and potentially expensive disruption of the client’s business.
Tuskrete steel fibres have a long history of expertise in the field of steel fibre reinforced flooring applications, enables us to propose to each customer the flooring solution which provides the most benefits.
In order to allow the use of steel fibres as only reinforcement in structural applications, it was necessary to improve the post-cracking behaviour of steel fibre reinforced concrete in such a way to get high ductility levels and even full ductility.
This scope can be reached by using fibres with higher performances and/or by increasing the fibre dosage rates. However, from a certain dosage rate and depending on the fibre used, workability of steel fibre reinforced concrete becomes a concern. It is therefore important to setup steel fibre reinforced concrete mixes guaranteeing performance and workability as well.
Often encountered problems in prefabrication are complex and/or curved reinforcement with narrow tolerances and reduced wall thicknesses, which make it difficult to install traditional reinforcement. This leads to increased difficulty in consolidating the concrete. Furthermore, in many applications, reinforcement is only needed for shrinkage control or during intermediate building steps and handling.

Steel fibre reinforced concrete can solve these problems as it is easy to place and to consolidate. Steel fibre reinforced concrete can reach sufficient bearing capacities for handling and even full ductility for the final state, depending on the fibre type and dosage rate. Major precast elements can be constructed with steel fibres as the sole reinforcement; for example waste-water pipes and tunnel linings. An example of steel fibres replacing rebar stirrups and working in combination with traditional reinforcement is precast girders.
In some countries national certification may be required to use steel fibres for given precast elements.
Besides the more or less well known applications for steel fibre reinforced concrete, there are numerous special applications where steel fibres can be used alone or in combination with traditional rebars or PC-strands, as for example:
  • In-situ tunnel linings
  • Retaining walls
  • Piles
  • Road concrete
  • Roller-compacted concrete
  • Safety barriers
  • Various types of foundations

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